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Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to make people happy! With every bite, every interaction and every step of the way, we strive to please. Perso is an open kitchen restaurant featuring seasonal ingredients, house made charcuterie, craft cocktails and Roman style pizza. We provide a memorable experience from start to finish, regardless of the occasion.

Our Values

We keep our spirits high

The energy at Perso is one to remember. The positive and playful vitality is contagious. We go above and beyond to make your experience memorable.

We are mindful

We are mindful about the ingredients we use, about the wine we pair, and about the service we give. We provide flavors that will intrigue and excite you, and a service that will leave you smiling.

We support our team

We are committed to providing a safe, positive and supportive culture for our entire team. There is no “I” in “team” at Perso! 

We have integrity

Always do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Our moral compass never strays, and our team is committed to honoring that. 

We have fun!

From our guests, to our team, to our community, having fun is at our core.

Square Cut is now called PERSO. Perso means “lost” in Italian. When I used to live in Rome, I would intentionally get lost in the middle of the city to learn my way around. PERSO will remain the same restaurant and concept with a rotating seasonal menu, house made charcuterie, craft cocktails and Roman style pizza.

We get lost in the search for our professional goals and happiness. This city has given me the most joy doing what I love. 

As entrepreneurs/dreamers we all seek for a place, take risks, and hope things work out. I chose to move here for the opportunities available. When Square Cut opened, its purpose was to be a business where we could showcase things we believe in, and work hard to make it operational so that we can work on other things, and eventually become the restaurant group we want to be. We want to grow in this city. 

Choosing the place where you start a new journey is always uncertain. You never know how the people will react to your mission, if people will even like or support your ideas. We’ll never be grateful enough for the love and support this city has given us. It has given us a lot of understanding of what or who we want to be. The city has given us drive to do better, and appreciation for all the people who made us who we are as operators.

Square Cut, now PERSO, has become a place where we tell our stories. It’s more than just a business for all of us. Its where we learn from listening to our patrons and recognizing what we have to improve. PERSO will be continuing this commitment, to work hard, and to never stop educating ourselves, to be able to be part of this gastronomically growing city. 

PERSO represents a mission to share our experiences and beliefs. 

About the Owner

Emil David

The Company:

Lime Hospitality Group

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